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Wild Beer Redwood 2016, 330 ml

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Brand: Wild Beer

Category: Beers

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The interplay of wood character and fruit means that Redwood is tart and dry rather than sweet and syrupy. Belgian brewers who use this style of fruit re-fermentation are appalled at our length of time in barrel. The typical Kriek (or other fruited lambic) will be in contact with the beer for a maximum of 3 months. However the depth of character from the extended ageing develops a more 'jammy' aromatic note which we are a big fan of...
Throw away any sort of cranberry, blueberry, raspberry coulis that you would put on any dish, serve Redwood instead. Alternatively use Redwood in any sauce you are creating with fruit. The acidity has excellent cutting power while the tannins obtained from the barrels mean it can stand up to bold flavours. Duck is a firm favourite to pair with however so is blue cheese and chocolate torte - it's fairly versatile!
The Redwood Project is an annual expression showcasing our local terroir. Using foraged fruits, wild yeasts and lots of barrels and blending. The Redwood Project began in 2013 when we foraged the late summer fruits from hedgerows and farms around the brewery. These were then put into barrels where they rested for a full year with some of our wildest beer before being packaged. The first Redwood was released late in 2015 as an Autumnal foraged fruit beer. Now in 2016 we have a wider variety to Redwood barrel stock having foraged throughout the year of 2015 for a greater variety of fruits and can achieve deeper character through blending older barrels of Redwood in to the current expression. This is a progressive beer which will vary year to year based on the forgeable fruits available and how long they have spent in barrels before culminating in a crescendo of sweet fruits, roasted oak and vibrant acidity. Imagine walking through the first fallen leaves, eating a handful of the last tart red berries of the summer with a whiff of mulled wine and bonfires in the crisp Autumn air - that's Redwood 2016.

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