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Wild Beer Brett, 330 ml

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Brand: Wild Beer

Category: Beers

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There are two very distinct halves to BrettBrett whcih you can play with when interacting with food: the intense citrus and tropical fruit hop character; the funky, earthy brett character that develops over time. Tropical hops provide an amazing counterpoint to fish dishes while the bitterness and carbonation cut through oil and fat. Brettanomyces aromatics find afinity with earthy dishes like mushrooms and bloomy rinded cheeses.
This west coast style double IPA is crisp, bitter and assertive but with a twist - it's fermented with 100% Brettanomyces.This wonderful wild yeast strain is a slow burner, it likes to hang around and eat everything it can. If it is left to its own devices is will eventually begin to eat the cellulose in the wood of the barrels... What this translates into is a super crisp and fresh double IPA, extremely well-attenuated, allowing all the hop character to come to the fore. This wild yeast actually preserves hop character as well and as it likes to hang around, it is still actively evolving the beer as it ages - producing different flavour compounds and then consuming them only to recreate different flavour compounds! What we are left with is an outstanding Double IPA which is remarkable fresh and also develops beautifully.
The bigger brother of Evolver IPA, 100% Brett beers are super unique in their aging potential. The extreme metabolic abilities of Brett mean that it will stave off beer staling by oxidation essentially prolonging the hop aromatics which are the first thing to go in aging beer. Being able to metabolise hop glycocides also releases new volatile hop aromas. As the beer ages the body becomes leaner and leaner making for crisp, dry, aromatic drinking even after most Double IPAs are well past their best.

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