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Expensive Vodka Brands and Prices

If you are looking for expensive vodka brands, you not only have an appreciation of premium vodka but can understand the difference high quality distilling gives alcohol. We’ll cover the expensive vodka brands with prices over £100 starting at £50. If you
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What makes a vodka expensive?

In its simplest form, expensive vodka is no different to any other vodka. It is distilled potatoes, sugar beet molasses and cereal that has been fermented. However, premium expensive vodka is created with usually higher quality products and ongoes a unique, superior distillation process giving it a purer quality with cleaner taste. An element of premium vodka also goes towards the marketing and packaging where many premium brands and products have exquisite vodka bottles giving them luxury status.

Expensive vodka brands

Unfortunately, there isn’t such a thing as an expensive vodka brands list. Whilst most vodka brands have different price points, many have a range of products at various different prices. However, brands which are easily accessible and viewed as expensive vodka brands include Grey Goose, Kauffman, Mamont Sirbian, AU and Belvedere.

Expensive vodka prices

The vodkas we’ll review here go from £50 upwards to a few hundred. However, there are luxury vodka brands that go into the thousands and even the millions!

At this price level, you’re really into limited edition pieces and serious luxury items in which you’re largely paying for the packaging and vodka bottle as they include rare stones and features. Examples are Swarovski -Studded Alize Limited Edition Vodka (£1.5k), Iordanov Vodka (£3.5k), Diva Vodka (£3.5 - £800k), Ruso-Baltique Vodka (£600k - £1.2m) and Billionaire Vodka (£3m).

Best Vodka Bottles

As mentioned a few times, one of the standout features of expensive vodka is the beautiful bottles that they come in. This makes them perfect to take centre stage in your collection or a well considered gift to a vodka lover. This selection covers everything from light up magnum vodka bottles through to effervescent crystal heads and gold bars.

Belvedere Jeroboam Vodka with LED lighting, 300 cl

One of the best Polish vodka brands brings its signature vodka in Belvedere Jeroboam. 600 years of Polish vodka making tradition delivers this 4 times distilled pure vodka. It is gentle and soft with cream charatestirtis, yet full and rounded in richness. The full flavour combines vanilla sweetness with a hint of white pepper and spices including almond and brazil nuts. Latest, the 300 cl bottle with LED lighting gives this the standout treatment this wonderful vodka deserves.

Grey Goose Vodka - Light Up Magnum, 175cl

The unmistakable smooth flavour of Grey Goose vodka in a distinctive magnum sized bottle. To make things stand out even more, it comes with a built in LED light to make the bottle light up. Perfect for a gift or as a centerpiece amongst a spirit collection.

From $145.977
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Crystal Head Vodka Aurora, 70 cl

One of the most eye catching bottles of vodka you will see. The Crystal Head by Aurora doesn’t just look incredible, the vodka is delightful. Aurora is a drier, spicier and bolder version of the original Crystal Head Vodka having been filtered no less than 7 times. The Aurora bottle is made in an electrically charged chamber, creating a unique iridescent, metallic finish.

From $81.9
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3 Kilos Gold Bar Vodka Bottle, 75 cl

This handmade bottle is extremely unique and rare appearing like a 3kg gold bar with a highly detailed and polish finish. Imitations often lack a picture of Fort Knox on the back of the removal cap. Probably the best vodka bottle you will see making the 3kg gold bar vodka bottle an ideal gift.

From $77.935
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U'Luvka Vodka Magnum 175 cl

The U’Luvka vodka magnum contains enough vodka for 80 measures and standing at almost 50 cm tall stands out in any collection. A beautifully elegant bottle filled with exquisitely smooth and clean vodka. Also check out the gift set below containing exquisite glasses.

From $9.1
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Kauffman Soft Selected Vodka, 70 cl

Kauffman Soft Selected Vodka comes with a hard counterpart. Both of the Kauffman Selected vodkas are exquisite and come in a striking bottle. One of the purest, cleanest vodkas to come from Russia.

From $72.449
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Absolut ELYX Copper Crafted Luxury Vodka 1.75 L MAGNUM

Elyx is a luxury vodka with real character and integrity. Made from single estate winter wheat.
Distilled using a manually operated copper column still from 1921.
Absolut Elyx is also made with pure water, drawn from a giant underground lake deep beneath our feet in Sweden. We call our vodka liquid silk. Why? Because an “impossibly-smooth-double-gold-winning-best-in-show-at-the-world-spirits-competition-vodka” didn’t have the same ring to it.

Absolut Elyx has partnered with Water For People in their mission to provide sustainable water solutions where they are needed most. For every bottle of Elyx sold in the US, we\'re donating a week\'s supply of safe water (140 liters) to someone in need.

From $194.935
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Best Vodka Gift Sets

If you’re looking for something a bit more packaged as a gift than a single vodka bottle, albeit of premium vodka, then these gift sets will be the perfect choice. Artistically styled bottles combined with matching shot glasses or a cocktail maker set. Brilliant vodka themed gifts.

AU Vodka Gift Pack 70cl, 40% ABV

Au Vodka is a 5 times distilled vodka through gold which creates an incredibly clean and smooth vodka. This award winning British vodka uses luxury ingredients to create an exceptionally delicious premium vodka and continues the gold theme in a spectacular gold bottle. As if winning the Gold Award of the Vodka Masters 2015 wasn’t enough, why not combine this with a luxury gift pack of a jigger and cocktail shaker.

From $94.705
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Mamont Siberian Vodka with Glass Pack, 70 cl

The Mamont Siberian vodka glass pack is a delightful gift or addition to collection. The distinctive curved bottle is paired with two curved shot glasses for a beautiful set. Mamont Serbian vodka has the scent of cedar nuts yet comes with a sweet and silky feel and dry finish.

From $52
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U'Luvka Vodka Magnum Gift Pack 175 cl

The U’Luvka vodka magnum stands at almost 50 cm tall making this a centrepiece on any collection. A beautiful bottle that despite its size looks elegant and is filled with enough exquisitely smooth and clean vodka for 80 measures. This gift pack also comes with 6 incredible glasses to accompany the bottle.

From $204.1
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Beluga Vodka Gold Line Leather 70 cl

Recommended to be served chilled and store in fridge or freezer, Beluga Gold Line is the standard for vodka to be consumed straight. It is produced from malt using a natural fermentation process without the addition of enzymes. After distillation Beluga undergoes quartz sand filtration and is rested for three months prior to bottling. Beluga Gold Line is a limited edition product and each bottle comes with an elegant hammer and brush for cleaning out the sealing wax.

From $146.874
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