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Delirium Tremens - Buying Delirium Tremens Online

If you are looking to buy Delirium Tremens beer online, then you probably already know why it is one of the most popular Belgian beers. Delightfully flavoured with a sweet aroma yet high in alcohol volume, this amazing blonde beer is revered around the wo
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What does the name Delirium Tremens mean?

Delirium Tremens comes from a latin term for an acute episode of violent sickness amid confusion. It also relates to the fear caused by withdrawal from alcohol after a heavy drinking spree.

Has the name Delirium Tremens got the beer in trouble?

WIth the medical condition of Delirium Tremens being so serious, unsurprisingly that upon launch in the late 1980’s the brand name created so much controversy that it was removed from many international markets. Even today, some of the 60 countries the beer is exported to still require special permissions to stock it, limiting the export potential of this award winning beer. As a result, Delirium Tremens is one of the harder beers to buy online.

What does the bottle of Delirium Tremens look like?

At first look, the bottle may appear extremely random with a pink elephant, but it does help Delirium Tremens to stand out in a crowded beer or online beer store. Featuring a pink elephant as a signature logo and ceramic bottles it’ll be hard for you to miss this bottle.

Where does the Delirium Tremens pink elephant logo come from?

When people have an alcoholic hallucination a medical term for it is also delirium tremens. A euphemism of this was “seeing pink elephants” which is where both the name and signature pink elephant logo come from. It is rumoured this euphemism was from a drunk tax collector!

What does Delirium Tremens beer taste like?

The flavours in Delirium Tremens are far more refined that most medium bodied pale ales. As a beer, the flavour is wheat based, however banana, fruit and spice gives this a sweet warmth. The aromas are also sweeter than a typical Belgian beer with hints of apples and pear giving this fragrant smell.

Where can I buy Delirium Tremens?

WIth over 100 hectoliters being exported to over 60 countries, Delirium Tremens is available in most ale consuming markets. This being said, the ability to buy Delirium Tremens online and in stores could be impacted as mentioned due to the brand name.

Who brews Delirium Tremens?

One of the rarer aspects for an award winning beer is that Delirium Tremens is not the brewery, and it is in fact brewed at a local Belgin brewery. The Huyghe Brewery based in Melle produces Delirium Tremens and has since 1906 when Leon Huyghe purchased the brewery renaming it to Brouwerij Mounterij den Appel. Since then, it has been renamed after the founder. For some, the Huyghe Brewery is even the best brewery in Belgian.

Delirium Tremens accounts for the majority of the 165,000 hectolitres of annual production from Huyghe Brewery.

What ingredients are used in Delirium Tremens?

For an award winning beer, incredibly Delirium Tremens contains literally just a handful of ingredients.  These are pale malt, Styrian Golding and Saaz hops, three different types of yeast, and water.

How strong is Delirium Tremens?

For a pale ale, Delirium Tremens is surprisingly strong at 8.50%.

Are any other Delirium beers brewed?

Delirium Tremens isn’t the only beer in Huyghe’s Delirium series. There are five beers in the Delirium series, the remaining four are Delirium Nocturnum, Delirium Christmas, Delirium Red, Delirium Argentum, and the extremely in demand Delirium Deliria (which is only brewed once a year to commemorate International Women’s Day).

What awards has Delirium Tremens won?

If you are looking online for Delirium Tremens you will find a range of awards this fabulous beer has won. In 1997, Delirium Tremens was nominated as the“best beer in the world”. 10 years after it was launched (in 1988), it won a gold medal during the World Beer Championships in 1998.

Ever since 1998, awards have kept being awarded to Delirium Tremens. A few of the recent international and global awards are here:

  • World Beer Awards, 2017 - Taste, Bronze Medal
  • World Beer Awards, 2018 - Taste, Bronze Medal
  • International Beer Challenge, 2018 (UK) - Silver
  • Australian International Beer Awards, 2019 - Silver
  • Meininger’s International Craft Beer Awards (Germany), 2018 - SIlver
  • European Beer Star, 2019


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