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Best Value Vodka By Price

Today there are literally hundreds of vodka brands and probably thousands of different vodka products and bottles, so how do you know what is a good vodka to buy? Or what is the best value vodka?
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We all know that cheap doesn’t mean good value. Sometimes cheap vodka can be great value, sometimes cheap vodka can be paint stripper. Just like the best affordable vodka to one person, could be outside of someone else's price range. We’ve thought about that - and that is why this review is structured to help you find the right vodka for you regardless of price. Whether it is cheap low cost vodka, or a more affordable vodka, right through to premium vodkas we have you covered.

Best Vodka For The Price

Well, this review breaks down the best vodka for the price so as to make a great selection within your budget. There will be a handful of the best vodkas at every price making sure you buy the best value vodka for you, whether that be £20, £30 or £50. If you’re looking for vodkas over £50 or expensive vodka gifts, then this review will be better for you.

What Determines a Vodkas Price?

In its simplest form, all vodkas are the same. They’re made from distilled potatoes, sugar beet molasses and cereal that have been fermented. The difference in price is created with higher ingredient costs and products, and the distillation process being superior. This gives it a purer quality with cleaner taste. One other area that influences the price of vodka is marketing and packaging. A large variable on production cost (and ultimately what you pay for) goes towards the marketing and packaging. More expensive brands and products tend to have more elaborate and unique vodka bottles giving them a higher price.

What Makes a Good Vodka?

Before we can get into the best value vodkas, we need to be clear on what makes a good vodka. For many, this is simply the taste of the vodka. Some believe that vodka should be tasteless, yet all award winning vodkas have a subtle hint of flavour with interest around taste on the palate. This also includes a desirable scented aroma as well as a crisp and clear aftertaste. Another consideration is how you will drink the vodka; is it for vodka shot, is it iced on the rocks, is it simply with a mixer, or is it as an ingredient on a vodka cocktail?

This selection of the best vodkas have all been selected for their flavour, and at each price point the shortlist has a handful of the best vodkas to help you make a selection based on your flavour preference and drinking style.

Best Cheap Vodka: Plain Vodka Under £20

This is where you’ll find the best cheap vodka. Good quality yes, but also the best affordable vodka within a smaller budget. These really are low prices on vodka, but where they shouldn’t be seen as cheap vodka. On many if you changed the bottle you wouldn’t even realise the price was so low.

Focus on how you’ll consume the vodka to help you make the best selection. If you’ll use it only in cocktails, pick a vodka that is ideal for that (like Wyborowa). Whereas if you’re planning on consuming straight, pick Absolut or a flavoured vodka option that you’ll enjoy.

Absolut Vodka, 1 L

A versatile and pure vodka with a distinct character of grain followed by a hint of dried fruitIt has been crafted with Swedish winter wheatMade from natural ingredientsRich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow

From $22.00
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Wyborowa Pure Polish Vodka, 70 cl

Wyborowa is a full-flavoured, classic Polish vodka produced from 100 percent rye grain spirit. Smooth and creamy in texture, combined with a rustic, fruity and slightly flowery flavour. It’s taste and quality go way beyond its price making this the best budget Polish vodka making it an ideal base for your favourite mixed drink.

From $22.1
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Luksusowa - Polish Potato Vodka, Ethically Sourced and Award Winning, 70cl, 40%

Best Cheap Vodka: Flavoured Vodka Under £20

Thunder Toffee Vodka, 70 cl

Thunder toffee is as creamy as it sounds, perfect as either a simple shot over ice or mixed in a cocktail. This UK produced vodka comes in at 29.9%, far higher than it tastes.

From $24.7
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Absolut Juice Edition, Strawberry, 50 cl

Absolut, the market leader in flavoured vodka brings this delicious and juicy fruit sensation made with real juice from strawberries. Unsurprisingly it has fresh and smooth tones of strawberries and a delicious sweetness for vodka. The recommended serving suggestion is simply to pour over ice, add soda and drink.

From $20.8
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70cl Smirnoff Espresso Flavoured Vodka

Being the #1 selling vodka brand in the world, Smirnoff is known globally. Yet as a flavoured vodka brand Smirnoff is relatively unknown. This espresso flavoured vodka has a refined coffee taste with a hint of nut, chocolate and caramel. Recommended serving includes cola or your favourite mixer.

From $31.2
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Stolichnaya Salted Karamel Vodka, 70 cl

A fabulously recommended vodka at any price, let alone within a £20 budget. Indulge yourself with this caramelized flavoured vodka rich in both sweet sugar and soft English toffee. All balanced light saltiness draws out the caramel. This Russian vodka has an elegant quality and smooth finish, on top of rich caramel candy and perfectly toasted sugar aromas.

From $25.987
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Best Affordable Vodka: Vodka Under £30

Whilst moving out of the cheap vodka range, this still represents highly affordable vodka. Furthermore, for many the price range has the best value vodka. It balances the best affordable vodka with premium quality, and for some, has little difference to vodka bottles over £30 or even over £50. Focus on your selection should still be around how you will consume the vodka, however take more note of the core ingredient (potato for sweetness versus wheat and grains) and subtle flavours.

Mamont Sirbian Vodka 70 cl

Mamont is a fine Sirbian vodka balancing delicate and rich vodka tones made in the Itkul distillery, the oldest operating distillery in Serbia founded in 1868. The result is a delicious Gold Award winning vodka from the 2018 International Spirits Challenge. Presented is a distinctive tusk shaped bottle as homage to Siberia and it's symbol - the Mammoth.

Tito's Handmade Vodka (Packaging may vary), 70cl

A slightly sweet, peppery scent on the nose
Coats the palate with a creamy body
Finishing nice and smooth
Leaving a hint of sweet corn and spice

From $35.607
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Ketel One Vodka 70cl

Ketel One represents one of the oldest distillery traditions in the world where for over 325 years the Nolet family has been in the business. The quality of this wheat based vodka comes from a combination of original 19th century coal-fired copper pots and modern distilling techniques creating a silky softness and subtle flavours. The taste includes hints of citrus and honey with a clean, crisp snap. It is highly recommended to drink both neat on the rocks or within cocktails and mixers.

From $29.835
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U'Luvka Vodka Signature, 70 cl

U’Luvka is growing in popularity around the world, yet within Poland isn’t appreciated. It could be due to a slightly higher pricepoint than many other brands, or the fact the bottle doesn’t fit the common appearances. Yet, U’Luvka has an exquisite bottle and even better taste.

From $45.5
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Reyka Vodka, 70 cl

Known as being one of the purest vodkas, Reyka stands out with its unique filtration through Icelandic lava rock. Distillation is through a copper still and uses pure arctic spring water giving it an unrivalled purity in quality. Produced in small batches, this award winning vodka, has an extremely smooth, clean flavour making it great to enjoy on the rocks or mixed in a vodka.

From $34.957
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Best Premium Vodka: Vodka Under £50

The under £50 vodka bracket is best recommended for vodka drinkers that have experienced a range of vodkas and can taste the subtle differences. Just like wine drinkers build up understanding of flavour complexity and depth, so can vodka drinkers. If you haven’t drank much vodka before, it is unlikely you will really appreciate the difference between many of these bottles, or some of the more affordable vodka or cheaper options listed above.

Haku Japanese Craft Vodka, 70 cl

Presenting one of the best vodkas that Japan has to offer, Haku craft vodka has a wonderfully soft, round and subtly sweet taste. The aroma is sweet with a delicate floral scent of rice all supported by natural sweetness in the taste and complex flavour of the rice. The finish is distinctive thanks to the bamboo charcoal filtration process making this a unique flavour.

From $38.987
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Cîroc Vodka 0.7 L

Being one of the only vodkas in the world made from fine French grapes, CIROC has an exceptionally smooth and delightful citrus taste. Ciroc is extremely pure vodka due to it’s five times distillation process making this one of the cleanest vodka. Add to that some elegant French glamour and Sean Diddy Combs as the main brand ambassador and you have one of the best vodkas available. The recommended serving is with lemon juice, vanilla syrup and soda.

Grey Goose Original Vodka, 70cl

Crystal Head Vodka, 70 cl ( with Giftbox)

Belvedere Vodka, 70 cl

Stolichnaya Elit Vodka, 70 cl

If you’re looking for something upwards of £50, be sure to check out these expensive vodka recommendations.

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