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Zombie Pirate Cocktail Recipe

Zombie Pirate Cocktail Recipe

Apr 03, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Cocktail shaker

The Zombie Pirate cocktail is an easy to make blended whiskey, made with lemonade and whiskey it makes this the perfect drink share with your friends.

Image of Zombie Pirate   Drink

The orange themed drink makes it a great excuse to give it that haunted look.

Best served with rocks and a cherry on top, I know for fact you will love this and so will your friends and family!



  1. Fill a good cocktail shaker with cubed ice
  2. Add your origional spiced gold, passion fruit syrup, fresh pineapple juice, grenadine and some lime juice
  3. Shake your cocktail shaker until everything is cold, the surface of the shaker will begin to feel cold
  4. Strain into a tankard filled with new purified ice cubes
  5. Add your Captain Morgan Origional on top of the drink and a dash of Angostura Bitters. 
  6. Obviously your going to want to garnish with a fresh piece of pineapple like a wedge.


I hope you enjoyed this cocktail as much as I did, it's easy to make, fun and looks great. 

Let us know what your thoughts are on it!


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Brodey is an enthusiastic marketing and advertising strategest out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Brodey has always been passionate about liquor and alcohol in general. You will find Brodey on the weekends either out on the football pitch kicking goals or down the lake with a glass of wine.

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