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Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe

Feb 10, 2018 | Post By Danny Mahoney
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This refreshing cocktail is a summer favourite for obvious reasons; if the name of the drink doesn’t tip you off, its fruity ingredients will. This is one of those cocktails where the choice between shaking and stirring is left to the drinker. The Sea Breeze is considered an IBA (International Bartenders’ Association) Official Cocktail.

This summery drink follows the classic fruity cocktail rule, and balances a strong ingredient (Vodka) with a weak one (fruit juice), and the end result is a delicious sweet and sour drink that’s not too hard, but gives just the right amount of buzz. This cocktail is, simply put, spiked fruit punch, and a welcome alternative to the Vodka Cranberry. This icy cocktail is best for sipping on hot summer days and tiring nights.

If you love the Cape Codder cocktail, then you’re sure to enjoy this variation. In fact, Sea Breeze is also used as a term for a family of drinks that incorporate Vodka into a mixture of fruit juices. However, when someone orders a Sea Breeze at the bar, they are mostly likely talking about the classic recipe that includes Vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice. This pretty looking cocktail is not too flashy, and has an adventurous persona, making it perfect for a party with friends. It is served over ice to enhance the refreshing nature of the cocktail, and you can make this drink as tall or short as you like.

Here is a recipe for this beachy, summery cocktail.


  • 45 ml Vodka
  • 90 ml Cranberry juice
  • 30 ml Grapefruit juice


  1. Add ice cubes at least halfway up into a Highball glass
  2. Pour the Vodka and Cranberry juice over the ice cubes
  3. Stir well
  4. Top it off with the Grapefruit juice
  5. Garnish with a grapefruit slice.
  6. Serve with straw


  • Highball glass
  • Ice cubes
  • Stirrer
  • Straw


cocktail, juice, vodka, grapefruit, cranberry, drink


Photo of Danny Mahoney

Danny is a Melburnian liquor enthusiast and ex bartender turned web developer. Although an avid whiskey drinker he likes to practice the arts of cocktail making and mixing drinks. Danny believes there are always new concoctions just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.


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