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Rum Eggnog cocktail recipe

Dec 06, 2014 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Nothing better to warm you up like a little whiskey, brandy, and hot rum. For this season, Liquor Online is going to provide you classic Winter Cocktails recipes. These are the best winter cocktails to get your through the tough cold. Today, we will prepare a very chrismasy 'Rum Eggnog cocktail recipe' which is very easy to make and will use ready made eggnog to make it fast. Liquor Online's popular Eggnog cocktail recipe uses rum (of which Captain Morgan is an excellent choice). To make this Rum Eggnog cocktail more delightful, we can add Almond and Vanilla extract. Let us know if it works for you.

Ingredients for Rum Eggnog Cocktail Recipe | Liquor: Rum

Garnish: pinch of Nutmag and Cinnamon
Glass: Small Highball

How to prepapre Rum Eggnog Cocktail recipe

  1. Pour your choice of rum into a small highball glass
  2. Add egg nog and Sugar
  3. Then add Vanilla and Almond extract
  4. Stir together
  5. Garnish it with Cinnaman and Nutmeg
  6. Your Eggnog cocktail is ready to serve.

Christmas doesn’t get more traditional than this milky sweetened cocktail drink, once much favoured by the British aristocracy. Nog is an old English dialect word of obscure origins that was used to describe a kind of strong beer (hence noggin). The America’s picked it up and it became equally as popular, consumed at Thanks Giving. We like to use Captain Morgan or Kraken Black spiced rum for this cocktail but you can use your favorite brand of Rum. Visit our RUM section to browse your favourite brand and type.. Liquor Online is an ideal place to buy Rum online in UK. Liquor Online is one of the largest online liquor store in UK and Ireland area. Buy alcohol online from



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