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Red Witch Cocktail Recipe

Red Witch Drink Recipe

Jun 04, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Blackcurrant juice
1 pint
Apple Cider


Pint glass

The Red Witch Drink is one that I love. I love a drink that calls for absinthe because it has such a shady (and undeserved) reputation. The spirit was banned in many countries a hundred years ago, even though it was wildly popular in France, because it was thought to cause hallucinations. It has since been proven to do no such thing, and any strange effects are more likely to have been caused by poisonous additives, with wormwood being the most likely culprit. Whilst the red witch drink doesn't exactly call for absinthe, the affect is similar.

Absinthe can be difficult to find (and expensive), so this cocktail recipe is made with Pernod. This is another anise flavoured spirit from France, minus the wormwood. It’s part of the “pastis” family, which includes Sambuca, Ouzo, and Mastika. Pernod is made with star anise, coriander and mint, which you can taste through the base licorice flavour.

For the purist, substitute Absinthe for the Pernod, but be aware that doing so will pack a stronger alcoholic punch.

The Red Witch Cocktail was allegedly invented for Halloween, but as it’s really just a supercharged pint of cider, there’s no reason not to enjoy one after work on any day of the year.

Do let us know at liquor online, however, if it makes you see anything strange in the night sky.

Ingredients to make a Red Witch Cocktail

  • 25ml Pernod
  • 1 Pint Apple Cider
  • 75ml of Blackcurrant Cordial

How To Make a Red Witch Drink

  1. Pour the Pernod into the bottom of a pint glass
  2. Add Apple Cider almost to the top of the glass
  3. Pour on the Blackcurrant Cordial.
  4. Stir.



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