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Polar Bear Drink Recipe

Sep 19, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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The Polar Bear is a perennial favourite among those who like shooters, and is usually comprised of equal measures of white crème de cacao and peppermint schnapps. It also makes a lovely winter cocktail, however, and the addition of vodka beefs up what is otherwise a fairly innocuous drink.

The Polar Bear tastes like an after-dinner mint, and if you fancy the taste of dark chocolate, try substituting a dark crème de cacao for the white. Avoid using crème de menthe, however, because it takes away the cocktail’s characteristic icy finish– and to our knowledge, there are no green polar bears.

Image of Polar Bear   Drink

Like many other minty drinks, this one is best served ice cold. Keeping your vodka in the freezer helps, but you should also chill the glasses. Simply rinse the martini glasses with cold water and place them wet in your freezer. Within minutes, they’ll have a frosty layer and be ready for the pour.

If you enjoy the Polar Bear cocktail, you might also like to try a Peppermint Patty. Adding a little Irish cream turns the drink into a creamy delight. Try using chocolate vodka for an extra measure of sweet flavour.

Here’s the recipe for a Polar Bear cocktail:


  • 15ml Vodka
  • 15ml Peppermint Schnapps
  • 15ml White Crème de Cacao
  • Mint leaf to garnish


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
  2. Add all ingredients
  3. Shake vigorously
  4. Strain into a frosted martini glass
  5. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf


  • Cocktail shaker
  • Ice
  • Martini glass



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Brodey is an enthusiastic marketing and advertising strategest out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Brodey has always been passionate about liquor and alcohol in general. You will find Brodey on the weekends either out on the football pitch kicking goals or down the lake with a glass of wine.


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