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Mudslide Cocktail Recipe

Jun 15, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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This is far and away the best liquid dessert you’ll ever wrap your lips around.

The Mudslide is a twist on the White Russian, replacing the cream or milk with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

You can also make a frozen variety of this cocktail if you have a blender. Double the quantities provided in the Mudslide Cocktail recipe below, and substitute 30ml of cream for the whipped. Add a cup of ice and blend thoroughly. This will make enough for two frozen treats.

Image of Mudslide   Drink

For extra decadence, drizzle chocolate syrup down the sides of your glass before adding either the frozen or shaken cocktail.

If you like this one, you might also want to try other Kahlua based cocktails. They all have the same distinctive coffee flavour, and make great after-dinner drinks. Check out the White Russian or the Colorado Bulldog if you’re looking for more creamy goodness.

Kahlua is a distilled blend of rum and coffee beans which is why, like other rum-based liqueurs, it pairs well with Coke. Almost all other Kahlua cocktails use a cola for the mix.

Here’s what you’ll need for the mudslide recipe:



  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Add the Vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s.
  3. Shake vigorously.
  4. Put two ice cubes in a rocks glass.
  5. Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into the glass.
  6. Top with a spoonful of whipped cream.
  7. Crumble part of the flake bar over the cream.
  8. Give it to someone you love. Yes, that could very well be you.




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Brodey is an enthusiastic marketing and advertising strategest out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Brodey has always been passionate about liquor and alcohol in general. You will find Brodey on the weekends either out on the football pitch kicking goals or down the lake with a glass of wine.


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