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Mermaid Water Cocktail Recipe

Mermaid Water Cocktail Recipe

Apr 16, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Blue Curacao


Martini glass
Cocktail glass

The best way to enjoy a mermaid water is served in a jar, not a cocktail glass, not a pint or martini glass and especially not a flute.

But a standard, run of the mile Jar, like the one you would find your pickles in.

The Mermaid Water cocktail recipe is a tropical drink which is pretty much a combination of various alcohols, mixed with fresh juices to give you a big arse kick in the mouth.

Have you ever had a blast of greeny goodness sucker punch you in your word hole? Bam. Mermaid water.

Image of Mermaid Water   Drink

I mean mermaid's are not actually real, let's be serious for a minute here if they were... are they fish head and women's legs, or are they a woman's head and a fish tale?

It's the argument that has been going on for generations, unsolvable due to the personal opinion of each other, and although mermaids might not exactly be swimming in our oceans and playing beach volleyball at our local beaches.

They are in our movies, out TV shows, and in our imaginations.

They also appear in our cocktail recipe for today, unfortunately, this cocktail isn't as beautiful as I'd imagine a real mermaid, but it still makes my jaw drop.

How about we jump into making this awesome cocktail shall we?



  1. Use a cutting board and cut up a full lime into circles
  2. Fill your glass with cubed ice, and pieces of lime
  3. Add your spiced rum
  4. Now slowly pour in your coconut rum
  5. Pour half of your Pineapple juice on top
  6. Juice a new piece of lime into the jar
  7. Add the remaining pineapple juice
  8. Add some Blue Curacao until a slight tinge of blue softens your yellows
  9. Garnish the rim with a piece of lime


  • Ice
  • Jar
  • Lime Juicer
  • Jigger
  • Cutting Board

Wooh, we are done yet another recipe, we hoped you enjoy this and give us as much feedback as you have a load of our other recipes, we do our best to bring you the most popular and awesome alcoholic drinks available.

If you made a mermaid water using our recipe drop us a line in the comments and share a picture of your enjoying it we would love to see it.


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