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Hot Peppermint Patty Cocktail Recipe

Jul 31, 2018 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Everybody loves hot chocolate all across the world. For decades now, there are people that have attempted to infuse chocolate into alcohol, in an effort to recreate the delicious taste of hot chocolate in cocktails. That’s why there are chocolate-infused wine and vodka, for example.

Hot Peppermint Patties may not have the fame or recognition of eggnog cocktails or hot buttered rum, for example, but is perfect for chocolate and mint lovers who want a holiday cocktail by the fireplace.


  • 1 ounce of peppermint schnapps
  • ½ ounce of dark crème de cacao
  • ¼ ounce of crème de menthe
  • 1 package of hot chocolate mix


  1. Pour the liqueurs into a warmed mug or an Irish coffee glass.
  2. Fill with hot chocolate.


  • Mug or glass

It is extremely popular to top the hot peppermint patty off with whipped cream, to give an extra flavor to the drink. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone is a fan of whipped cream, so customize the drink how you want. For those who STILL want some more chocolate flavor, one can always incorporate chocolate shavings or sprinkles. Of course, hot chocolate mix can be replaced with homemade hot chocolate for DIY enthusiasts. The bottom line is when it comes to a cocktail version of hot chocolate, the hot peppermint patty is absolutely the closest.

It should also be noted that the drink recently experienced a spike in popularity after it was featured in the hit cartoon show, “Archer”, in 2015. In fact, it was a “secret’ drink that the main character, Archer, loved. It should be noted that the drink can also be transformed into both a chilled cocktail and a shot, for those who prefer to imbibe the libation in that fashion. Also, here is a pro tip: you can pre-heat your mug to make sure that your drink stays hot longer! Enjoy a Hot Peppermint Patty this holiday season!


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Photo of Brodey Sheppard

Brodey is an enthusiastic marketing and advertising strategest out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Brodey has always been passionate about liquor and alcohol in general. You will find Brodey on the weekends either out on the football pitch kicking goals or down the lake with a glass of wine.


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