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Graveyard Cocktail Recipe

Graveyard Cocktail Recipe

Jun 03, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Halloween is a time for all kinds of ghoulish folly, and this drink is no exception.

The Graveyard Cocktail begins with the same premise as a Long Island Iced Tea. Basically, let’s put five white spirits together in a glass and see what happens. It goes the extra (grave)yard, however, by adding two types of whiskey and using a potent stout to top up the brew rather than Coke. And an evil brew it certainly is.

Image of Graveyard   Drink

There is some confusion as to whether All Hallows’ Evening began as a wholly Christian celebration, marking the time of year when the dead are remembered, or whether it has Celtic/pagan roots. Either way, it has come to symbolise a night for kids to dress up in scary costumes and beg sweets off the neighbours. While they’re busy with that, the bigger kids have made a new tradition for paying homage to the dead - inventing appropriately frightening cocktails.

Others in this long line of satanic concoctions include the Skeleton Key, the Witch Hunt, the Jack O’Lantern, Blood and Sand, and of course the Zombie.

A word of caution before you begin. The Graveyard Cocktail is dangerously alcoholic. It has the equivalent of over 4 shots of spirits and isn’t to be taken lightly – if you’re brave enough to try it at all.

Here’s what you need:



  1. Pour the five white spirits and two whiskeys into a beer glass.
  2. Top up with stout.
  3. Garnish – don’t bother. You won’t notice it after 3 sips of your drink.



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