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Gin And Coke Recipe

Gin and Coke Recipe

Dec 01, 2019 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Cocktail shaker
Old-fashioned glass

If you’re looking for a gin and coke recipe, then you probably think that there’s more to making this odd little drink than dumping two ingredients into a glass. And you’d be right.

Gin and Coke are not a natural pairing. You can certainly drink them together, but without some subtle touches, it’s not particularly tasty. We’re going to show you how to make a couple of versions that are quite palatable and will hopefully put to bed any lingering doubts.

First of all, use authentic coca-cola if you can. It was invented in the late 1880s and was marketed as a cure-all for everything from constipation to impotence. The original product contained both wine and cocaine. With Prohibition, the wine was removed, and there’s no cocaine in there anymore either. In any event, the secret recipe seems to bring out the aromatics in the gin, so use “the real thing” if at all possible.

Here’s what you need to make two different Gin and Coke Drinks:


Orange Gin and Coke

  • 45ml Gin
  • 100ml Coke
  • Splash of Chocolate Bitters
  • Orange wedge

Gin Cuba Libre

  • 45ml White Rum
  • 15ml Gin
  • 20ml Lime Juice
  • Splash of Aromatic Bitters
  • Lime wedge


  • Old-fashioned glass
  • Cocktail shaker (For Gin Cuba Libre only)
  • Ice

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