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Chuck Norris Shot Drink Recipe

Apr 17, 2017 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Chuck Norris, a man who has many names, many skills and many a joke written about him.

I mean there are literally websites that have written about him 100 best Chuck Norris jokes.

It's a well-known fact that when he was born, he drove his mother home from the hospital.

It's even said that he was bitten by a cobra, after five days of excruciating pain... the cobra died.

So it's no wonder a Chuck Norris drink is a real kick in the teeth.

The shot is not for a weak, it's not for the sissies or the light weights, it's for real men and women, It's an honor to drink from the drink inspired by Chuck Norris.

Image of Chuck Norris    Drink

Let's kick things off before he kicks me.


  • 1 shot. Phillips UV Vodka
  • 2 shots. Liquid Ice energy drink


  1. Fill a shot glass with UV Red
  2. Put the shot glass in the center of a pint or larger glass
  3. Pour liquid ice into the larger glass avoiding the shot glass, keep pouring until it's to the rim of the shot glass.
  4. Shot. Shot. Shot.


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Brodey is an enthusiastic marketing and advertising strategest out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Brodey has always been passionate about liquor and alcohol in general. You will find Brodey on the weekends either out on the football pitch kicking goals or down the lake with a glass of wine.


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