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Beer Cocktail Dandy Shandy

Dec 06, 2014 | Post By Brodey Sheppard
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Image of Beer  Dandy Shandy Drink

Warm, soothing and comforting is what we often look for in drinks during the cold season of winter. In other words, Winter is a great excuse for enjoying hot cocktails. Today, Liquor Online presents the recipe of Classic British Beer Cocktail - 'Dandy Shandy', Mix up your favorite dark stout with Ginger Ale to make this classic cocktail. It is quick and very easy to made, ideal for Christmas parties.

Ingredients for Stout Beer Cocktail Dandy Shandy Recipe | Liquor : Guinness Stout Beer

Glass: Beer glass or mug

How to Make a Beer Cocktail Dandy Shandy

  1. Fill the glass half way with Guinness or any other dark stout beer
  2. Pour Ginger ale from top
  3. Give a gentle stir and your Dandy Shandy cocktail is ready to serve

This classic Stout Beer cocktail can made with any stout but Liquor Online recommends Guiness. It tastes amazing. Be careful no to let the extra foamy head spill over. Liquor Online is an ideal place to buy alcohol online in UK. Liquor Online is one of the largest online liquor stores in UK and Ireland area. We have huge collection of alcoholic beverages and an amazing organized liquor e-store. Checkout our collection of Ale and Stout Beers. Buy alcohol online from Liquor Online UK.



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