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World's largest producer of Liquor: DIAGEO - A British Multinational Co.

Feb 13, 2014 | Post By Brodey Sheppard

diageo liquor company

Diageo is a British multinational Liquor company headquartered in London, England. It is the world's largest producer of spirits and a major producer of beer and wine. They are the global leader in alcohol beverages with an outstanding collection of brands. Diageo is a global company, and its products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. Over the years, Diageo has acquired lot of premium brands around the world to expand their business. Current market Cap is $77.34 Billion, as of May 2014.

Liquor Producer

Every year Diageo produce more than 6.5 billion litres of Liquors, from more than 100 sites in 30 countries. Their supply functions are responsible for the distilling, brewing, bottling, packaging and distribution of their umbrella brands. Diageo employs over 4,000 people across more than 55 sites in Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.

  • The Diageo brand range includes 14 of the top 100 premium distilled spirits brands worldwide (2014), and seven of the top 20 premium spirits brands.
  • Diageo beer brands accounted for approximately 20 per cent of net sales in last financial year.
  • Diageo's wine brands represent approximately four per cent of our net sales.

Diageo Brands

Diageo produces some of the world’s leading brands across all types of alcoholic beverages – Spirits, Beer and Wine. Many have been a favorite choice for centuries, while some are younger additions to their collection.

Diageo's brands include

  • Smirnoff (the world's best-selling vodka)
  • Johnnie Walker (the world's best-selling blended Scotch whisky)
  • Baileys (the world's best-selling liqueur)
  • Guinness (the world's best-selling stout)
  • It also owns 34% of Moët Hennessy, which owns brands including Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Hennessy
  • Others like, Crown Royal, JεB, Buchanan’s, Windsor and Bushmills whiskies, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan Rum, Don Julio and Tanqueray etc.

diageo brands

Innovation at Diageo

It ranks #67 in the list of Forbes most innovative companies in the world. Innovation forms a crucial part of Diageo’s growth strategy, they positioned their brands well for continued growth, they have excellent marketing and sales strategies for that. They have build solid platform for innovation. They do always have brilliant insights into shopper trends and changing consumer habits inform product and packaging development.

Diageo has a long history of innovation successes from the widget to Baileys Irish Cream. Examples of some of recent innovations include: John Walker & Sons Odyssey, Snapp, Baileys Chocolat Luxe, Crown Royal Maple Finished, Tanqueray Malacca Gin, Smirnoff’s confectionary flavours etc. So, that was our, Liquor Online, coverage on World's largest producer of Liquor: DIAGEO, which is a British Multinational Company.

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