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What to Do and What Not to in case of Hangover!

Jun 29, 2019 | Post By Brodey Sheppard


Remember the Hangover movies! Part 1, I suppose, more than the others. Part 2 & 3 are definitely "missable". Anyhow, we are not here to discuss about that. We are here for actual hangover; the brain-throbbing, body-aching, dehydration-causing one...

Well, research on the actual hangover is limited though. There's no solution to fix all the symptoms (Next morning, Hangover translates into a classic dehydration symptoms: a headache as the body borrows water from the brain, causing temporary tissue shrinkage; thirst; dry mouth; nausea; and even dizziness.) of a hangover, a few things or remedies can help you. With that in mind you should also avoid some things during the hangovers. So, here are my tips for to avoid nasty hangover!

Hungover? What Not To do!

  • Avoid leaving house, and if you absolutely hate to then do not forget your sunglasses. Because of puffy red eyes and sun, they can cause serious headaches.
  • Turn down all the volume, don't listen anything that is too loud. Take the time and relax.
  • Avoid the Fizzy Energy drink. Fizzy energy drinks are a bad idea when you're suffering from a hangover. Water is the best thing to drink.
  • There are lots of hangover pills are available in the market. Our recommendation, don't use them at all. Drinking plenty of water can release your hangover quickly than any other gimmicks.
  • Get some shower. In hangover, you will definitely feel very lazy and moody. So, gather some strength and get out of your bed. Take a refreshing shower, trust me it will help you to feel better. Plus, a shower can get rid of that smell and you will fill rejuvenated.
  • Hair of a Dog - Drinking more alcohol can kill your hangover. That is Absolutely wrong! This is just a myth. Don't do it because it will make your hangover worse.

What to do when you're Hungover!

  • Best Cure is Prevention. Do not drink beyond your limits. But in case if you have, try some remedies from below.
  • Water is a must. Before going to bed drink at least 16-20 ounces of water to avoid heavy hangover. Ideally, to prevent hangover at all - Drink a glass of water with every glass of Alcohol.
  • A Cup of Coffee can help you in hangover headaches.
  • Eat bland foods like toast and crackers. It's not to "absorb" the alcohol (which is what most people think). It's to boost your blood sugar.
  • Try food items or drinks which contain fructose to help you burn the alcohol faster. E.g. Fruits
  • Sex. There is no research that shows that sex will make a hangover go away, but it will make the time go faster. So, if it makes your feel better during hangover, go for it.
  • You can do some walking, yoga or light exercise. Avoid greasy and heavy food during the hangovers. Keep calm and avoid nasty hangover!

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