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Beer - UK's most favourite Alcoholic Beverage

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Uk's most favorite alcoholic drink
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Welcome to the Liquor Online, which is UK's one of the best and largest online liquor stores. We sell all types of liquors and it's flavors, one of the best place to buy spirits in UK. In previous post, I discussed about the wine and it's types. Today we will discuss about the BEER, which arguably UK's most favorite alcoholic beverage.

Makers of many a night outs and "ruiner" of even more, Beer needs no introduction. Accredited as the oldest and the third most consumed drink of the world, beer is brewed up from cereal grains like malted barley, rice, wheat and corn. As any good thing, beer too has many varieties. Some are influenced by the local traditions, ingredients, and methods. While others go global with their standard taste and quality. Well, pour yourself a cold one and get comfortable because there's a whole lot of great stuff to learn about your favorite beverage - Beer.

How many Types of Beer are there?

Within beer, there are two main different types that you'll commonly come across: Ale and Lager. The difference between the two is mostly in the fermentation: they both use a different type of yeast. Note that Ales are fermented at hotter temperatures 65-75°F while Lagers are fermented at cooler temperatures ranging 46-55°F. Now let's discuss the beers types country specific.

British Beers

Pale Ale (aka Bitter) - beer made by warm fermentation using predominantly pale malt, typically 3.5 to 4.2%. English styles typically use Goldings or Fuggles hops to give a delicious fruity, grassy flavor. Best Bitter or Special Bitter - like bitter, but slightly stronger, up to 5% Golden Ale - new style of pale ale developed in the 1980s to compete with lager, pale yellow in color with less bitterness but a strong hop aroma. Red Ale - uses caramel malt for a sweeter maltier flavor and a distinctive red color. Will often still be well hopped to balance out the sweetness. Old Ale - traditionally aged ale for extra strength (can be up to 10%) and flavor, dark and sweet. A winter beer to be sipped. Mild - dark in color, with a pleasant biscuity flavor sometimes a little chocolatey. Traditionally 3 to 4% ABV. A very easy drinking session beer. Stout - Stronger and more bitter version of porter with a noticeably thick mouthfeel. Can be made with oats "oatmeal stout" or lactose "milk stout". Imperial Stout - Strong stout at over 7% ABV, Extremely rich flavor, famous for its popularity in Russia and the Baltic nations. India Pale Ale - at 5-7% ABV, a stronger and hoppier version of pale ale, specifically brewed to last the long sea journey to India during the colonial era. Porter - The traditional London beer, made with roasted malts to give a slight roasted coffee flavor. Can have hints of chocolate or smokiness depending on the exact recipe.

US Beers

American Pale Ale - the major US innovation was the use of new types of hops with distinctive citrusy and piney flavors. A pale ale flavored with these hop varieties can be delicious. American Black Ale - effectively a porter but with new world hops added. An unusual but exciting mixture of dark chocolate and coffee with grapefruit and pine. Scotch Ale - another accidental invention, an imitation of a style that never really existed in Scotland. Dark and Smoky. California Common - the result of early settlers attempting to brew lager (which needs to be brewed cold) in the California heat. Like lager but slightly sweeter. Rye beer - beer made with the addition of Rye. Dark and Malty and with a pleasant rye bread flavor.

German Beers

Helles - A light golden lager traditionally made with Hallertauer hops. Dunkel - like a dark version of the Helles but with some caramel malt and dark malt added for a slightly sweeter maltier flavor. Schwartzbier - a black lager - simultaneously easy drinking but also with a coffee and chocolate flavor. Bock - strong sweet lager from Einbeck, over 6%. Normally mid brown in colour. Maerzen - a strong beer brewed in March and aged over the summer for Oktoberfest. Rauchbier - a specialty of Bamburg, the malt is smoked before brewing to impart a delicious flavor to the beer. Hefeweizen - a wheat beer, traditionally brewed in Munich. Will be cloudy yellow in colour, with flavors of cloves and banana. Dunkelweizen - is to a hefeweizen what a dunkel is to a helles. Altbier - a traditional ale from Dusseldorf. Served cold like a helles but with a very distinctive malted milk biscuit flavor. Koelsch - beer from Cologne, an ale that has been cold conditioned for clarity. Like a more tasty version of a lager. Berlinner Weisse - a slightly sour wheat beer peculiar to Berlin. Often served with a foul brightly coloured syrup concoction that ruins the beer. Czech Beers Pilsner - the original and best golden lager - brewed with Saaz hops for a peppery flavor and cold conditioned for a clean, bitter finish Cerne - the Czech version of a dark or black lager.

Austrian Beers

Vienna Lager - the Austrians only have one major contribution to the world of beer, brewers in Vienna the first people to add caramel malt to lager to create a sweet mid brown version of a helles.

Belgian Beers

Trappist - beers brewed by the monks in the Belgian Abbeys. Generally strong and dark and very rich and complex. Blonde - beer with a light golden colour, Belgian blonde beers can be very strong, up to 10% Kriek - lambic beer, but aged in Cherry barrels for a sweet fruity flavor and bright pink colour. Other fruits used include Raspberry and Peach. Witbier - an extremely refreshing white beer made with wheat, with flavors of spice and coriander. Saison - deliberately made to be refreshing beers for the summer, blonde and clean tasting, but with just a hint of sourness. Dubbel and Trippel - dubbel means "double strength" in this context. You can probably guess what Trippel means. Flemish Red - A Red, slightly sour beer. Often a hint of cooking apples. Very complex and very tasty. Gueuze - known as "Brussels Champagne", exquisite and complex sour beers made from blending lambic beers of different ages using spontaneous fermentation. Some can be bracingly sour, others have a sweet aftertaste.

Well, that's all about the beers. Wanna try some today? just open and order you favorite type and brand of beers at the most reasonable rate. Remember again folks, Liquor Online: one of the best places to buy your liquor online in UK.

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