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Sambuca Shots - Why Sambuca Cocktails Are Underrated

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Outside of 18-21 year olds (and in Italy), Sambuca is rarely enjoyed as a drink. For so long it is seen only as a party yet, yet this aniseed based, licorice flavoured liqueur has so much more to offer.

What is Sambuca?

Sambuca is an Italian anise-flavoured liqueur that is often colourless. Popular for its liquorice taste, it is commonly it is known as white sambuca to differentiate from different flavours and coloured varieties.

How do you drink Sambuca?

Sambuca is popular as a shot or enjoyed chilled and neat. It is also often consumed lit (as a flamin' shot). However, it is often overlooked as a mixer or ingredient in a cocktail which hopefully this articles gives you a few ideas and new ways to try sambuca.

What does Sambuca taste like?

Sambuca tastes like liquorice due to its base ingredient being anise (aniseed). More recently, flavoured sambucas have grown in popularity giving this traditional Italian liqueur a revitalised twised combining it with with sweeter taste such as cola, cherry or tropical flavours, or mixed with chili and herbs to give a crisp hint as an undertone.

What are the best Sambuca Brands?

Molinari Extra, Opal Nera, Ramazzotti, Luxardo and Antica are all leading sambuca brands. Molinari is seen by many as the market leader in quality, however in the UK Luxardo and Antica are highly consumed and most widely available.

Best Sambucas

Molinari Sambuca Extra 700ml.

Molinari Sambuca is now one of Italy's most famous alcohol exports and a celebrated local masterpiece. As the best selling liqueur in Italy it has a smooth, rich and full flavour making it popular around the world. The quality is so high that it is unique in that it is legally allowed to be named 'extra' due to the extra quality it possess. For many, Molinari is not for a better quality in and taste, but also better lights better as a flamin shot.

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Ramazzotti Sambuca Liqueur, 70 cl

Ramazzotti sambuca carries the unmistakable aroma ofaniseed better than most other sambucas. When combined with the sweet taste, this strong liqueur is full bodied and pleasantly alcoholic. Ramazzottie is distilled from the best quality star anise giving this great quality.

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Opal Nera - The Original - Sambuca Liqueur

Opal Nera IS the original black sambuca. Produced with Elderberry, this striking black liqueur is naturally coloured and flavoured. The flavour is still of licorice given its aniseed base and Opal Nera comes with a rich, yet decadent taste. Made with all natural ingredients this has just enough kick and bite to be just a little naughty.

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Luxardo Sambuca with Chilli and Spice Liquor, 70 cl

Luxardo sambuca is part of a premium full line of classic Italian liqueurs such as Sambuca, Amaretto and Limoncello. This chili and spice Sambuca is carries a natural kick making it perfect to enjoy straight as a shot. Yet, many also enjoy it with a mixer or in a cocktail.

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Luxardo Sambuca with Cola Liquor, 70 cl

Luxardo with Cola is a sweet flavoured sambuca combining anisede with cola. Equally as popular in a shot or as a mixer.

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Antica Sambuca Tropical 700ml

Antica are popular Italian producers of Sambuca and the UK's number one Sambuca brand. Antica, known for its exceptional product pistilled in the Antiche distillery, nestled between Venice and the Dolomite mountains. Popular in a wide range flavours, Antica brings this wonderful tropical flavoured sambuca is ideal for shots and experimenting with cocktails.

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Luxardo Dei Cesari White Sambuca 1.5 Litre Magnum Bottle

Luxardo is one of the largest sambuca producers in the world and known for it's quality. Being one of the few magnum sambucas in the world this 1.5 litre bottle is a statement to all. A statement to other sambuca brands that Luxardo is a global players and a statement sambuca fans can make of their love for the liqueur. It is best served neat, straight from the freezer but can also be enjoyed alight and flaming!

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