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How to Make Beer: Production Process

May 12, 2015 | Post By Brodey Sheppard

Ever wondered how the Beer is made? In this article, Liquor Online presents the production process of Beer. Very traditional and technical method to brew beer.

Beer Ingredients:

Beer only needs four basic ingredients: Water, Hops, Barley and Yeast. The core idea is to extract the sugars from grains so that the yeast can turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide, creating Beer.

beer ingredients

1. Water
Water is the most used ingredient in Beer. It is also the most important ingredient!

The geography of the water effects how good it is for certain styles of beer. e.g. the water in England is better for making Stouts, where the water in Australia is better for pale ales.

2. Hops
Hops is the flavoring agent used in all styles of beer. However the amount of hops varies according to the style of beer.

Hopes is dried and pelleted for use as the flavoring agent at the start of the process - later on, hops can be added to include more aroma and color.

3. Barley
Barley is the grain that is malted as a source of the starch. It is the starches and sugars extracted from Barley, combined with yeast, creates Alcohol.

To extract the sugars, the grain is soaked in water, allowed to germinate and then dried in a kiln.

4. Yeast
Yeast is responsible for fermenting the sugar and creating alcohol. It also influences the color and flavor of the beer and affects the alcohol content.

Often yeast is filtered of the beer after fermenting, however sometimes it is left in to add cloudiness.
Note: Other Starch Sources apart from Barley: Corn, Rice, Sugar, Millet, Sorghum, Cassava Root, Potato, Agave, Potato are used in Brazil.

How to Make Beer: Production Process

1. Mashing

mashing beer production processThis will add color, flavor and sugars, which will later be converted to the all-important alcohol.

The longer the mash, the more germentable sugars are drawn from the grain. Take malted barley and any other specialist grains (e.g. rye for spiciness, oatmeal for beer body and smoothness! Add water at 70 degree C, but call it liquor now as you're a brewer and that's the official lingo H2O.

Note: Mashing combines the milled grain with water and heats it in a mash tun. Mashing takes 1 to 2 hours.

2. Lautering

Lautering beer production processBasically a giant colander, a slotted false floor supports the barley husks and all allows the sweet liquid, now known as the 'Wort' (add that to your brewer lingo as well) to drain away. Also spray hot liquor (a process called sparging), which helps remove any sugars that didn't extract first time round.

Warning: Too much sparging could result in Astringency!

Note: Lautering is the seperation of the wort (the liquid containing the sugar extracted during mashing) from the grains.

You can use spent grain to feed local cattle ensuring nothing is wasted and farm animals will be happy to.. Mooo :-P

3. Boiling

boiling beer production processDuring the 90 minute boil, add as many hops as possible. Hops are a natural preservative and adds bitterness, flavors and aroma. Add hops at the start of the boil for the alpha acids to create tonnes of bitterness. Add hops late in the boil to get less bitterness and add more flavor and aromatics.

Note: Boiling the malt extracts, called wort, ensures sterility. During the boil hops are added, which contribute bitterness, flavor, and aroma to the beer.

The boil completely sterilizes the wort; historically it was safer drink than water.
HOPS are the flowers that grow on hop vines. Some of our favorites are citrussy US hops, fruity New Zealand hops and our own spicy English hops.

4. Separation

separation beer production processTransfer the wort to one final vessel before fermentation. In the whirlpool, the hoppy wort is spun at high speed, drawing heavier particles to the center of the vessel, while the colling wort is drawn off at the sides of the tank.

If you stir a cup of loose leaf tea, you can see how the whirlpool works!

5. fermentation

fermentation beer production processIn the fermentation vessel, we add the Magic Ingredient - Yeast!

Yeast gets to work turning sugars from the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Soon there are billions of yeast cells working around the clock. After 7 days, the larger sugar molecules are consumed. A beer's strength depends on How much Sugar is in the wort, and the temperature at which it ferments.

6. Conditioning

conditioning beer production processBegin maturation! this takes 3 weeks or more. Remove the yeast and give it a standing ovation! Cool the beer to 0 degree.

With hoppy beer, after around 10 days dry-hop the hell out of them. Dry hopping is the process of adding hops to beer at low temperature post-fermentation. Due to the low temperature, non of the alpha acids in the hops convert to bitterness; instead an avalanche of flavor and aroma is infused into the beer. The huge, mesmerising aromas of BrewDog's IPA and hoppy ales are largely with thanks to dry-hopping.

The hops will settle in the cone of the tanks, so draw the beer out from a special valve above hops.

Note: After conditioning, Filtering of the beer is done, which gives beer its polished shine and brilliance. Not all beer are filtered.

7. Packaging

The beer is put into bottles, aluminium cans and kegs or bulk tanks for high volume customers.

bottling of beer

(The bottling plant consists of the following elements: the machine that takes out the bottles of the crates, the bottle rinsing machine, the visual control unit, the actual bottling machine, the crown capping machine, an inkjet printer and a packing machine. The crates are put on and off pallets boards manually.)

Throughout the production process measurements and controls are carried out with regard to the quality and taste of the final product, such as pH, sugar content, attenuation, micro-biological checks.

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