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Hangover Cures around the World

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hangover cures around the world

No matter Where you are in the world. Try these native hangover cures to ease a pounding head after a night of Drinking (and Vomiting!!)

It's Closing time in the Bar in the wee hours of the morning, and now that you're starting to see the double, your stomach is starting to grumble. You have already consumed empty calories from booze, but the drunk munchies are in full force. Everyone's got a hangover cure. So, what food do you grab in your part of the world to fight against your nasty hangover!

Hangover Cures of 12 different Countries

1. Germany: Pickled Herring

Pickled or marinated herring is the main ingredient in a sour snack Germans call Rollmops. Considered an excellent way to cool of a bad hangover, they are made by wrapping fillets of the tiny white fish around bits of onion and gherkin.

Rollmops can be a welcome part of what Germans call Katerfrohstock, or the Hangover breakfast.

2. UK: Full English Breakfast

Eggs, Sausage, tea, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, black pudding and hash browns.

3. USA: Tomato Juice, Eggs

Ah. The prairie oyster. For many Americans, it's the ultimate restorative. But what is it, exactly? It's a cocktail sort of drink, generally composed of tomato juice.

Worcestershire sauce, black paper and a raw egg yolk. Some bartenders add a little booze to the mix, perhaps to make it more hair-of-the-dog effective. Either way, it's mean to be swallowed quickly. Very quickly. (Consuming raw egg can be a health hazard - so do it at your own risk)

Or simply many Americans just like bacon, eggs, grilled cheese sandwich or anything fried as cure for their nasty hangover!

4. Russia: Leafy Birch branches

Rather than eat or drink something to help a hangover, many Russians prefer just to head straight to sauna. The steam - induced wearing it provides is said to be the best way to get rid of alcoholic toxins from the body.

Some Russians will whip themselves vigorously with birch branches (which you can buy in many stores and saunas for just this purpose) to stimulate blood circulation.

5. Netherlands: Beer

The nickname 'Heineken Country' says it all. Netherlands is the land of lagers, and it's widely believed here that a couple of cold ones, usually served in big tall glasses, is the only way to defeat a hangover.

6. Poland: Sour Pickle Juice

Polish hangover remedies are all about the sour. Some say that soured milk (unpasteurized and has been left at room temperature for a day or two) does the trick. Others favor sour pickle juice, as a remedy of heavy hangover.

7. Italy: Coffee

Coffee is a staple in the diet of most Italians, who drink it in the morning, after every meat, and as it happens, after every hangover.

Strong, homemade espresso is what Italians take to beat the pounding headache of hangover.

8. Ireland: Full Irish Breakfast

Bacon, sausages, eggs, vegetable and potato all fried in creamery butter, washed down with a fix it brew is cure for hangover for most Irish people.

9. Denmark: "Reparationsbajer"

Also known as a fix-it Brewster or a 'recovery beer' is the remedy for hangover in Denmak.

10. Japan: Pickled plums or Miso Soup

Salty pickled plums are a popular hangover remedy for Japanese drinkers. They can be take alone or with green tea to alleviate the symptoms of 'Futsuka yoi' (two days drunk). Other Japanese hangover remedies include Miso soup with freshwater clams.

11. China: Strong Green Tea

When hungover in China; do what the Chinese do: Drink Strong green tea. Water with lemon is also useful to beat the hangover.

12. France: Sugar, Eau-de-Vie, and Café Allongeé or Onion soup

French friend of mine, says that a traditional cure for hangover in his part of the country (Alsace-Lorraine) is to dissolve a little sugar into a small glass of eau-de-vie (Framboise, Mirabelle, Poire William, etc.), then drink a strong hot café allongé (double espresso with water).

Many French often recommend French onion soup as a cure for hangovers.
Well, now that you have multiple cures for nasty, pounding hangovers, I don't recommend that anyone drink to excess - that drink enough to get a hangover! Though you're not gonna stop it, and let's face it hangover happens from time to time. So, how will you cure your hangovers? Well, use these remedies to cure your hangover. Now as per my personal experience, Over the years, I've tried a lot of hangover cures, but the best of all hangover cures, is to drink at least half a pint of any sports or energy drink the next morning, as it contains all the vitamins and minerals that you're body is gasping for! That was LiquorOnline article on Hangover Cures around the World! Hope it is useful for you.

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