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Difference between Beer and Cider

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Difference between Beer and Cider

Beer and Cider, probably the most famous liquors in the world. Beer's consumption rate is higher and it is older than Cider. British continue to consume nearly half of all cider produced worldwide. Cider’s popularity in the US and other countries increased after the 19th century introduction of German lagers.

So, Tell me What's the Difference between Beer and Cider?

In terms of health benefits (and flavor) each drink is unique and it can vary greatly from bottle to bottle. Here’s how they’re different:

Beer Vs Cider, in terms of Ingredients

Cider, It is made from a combination of yeast and apple juice. Alcoholic cidern known as 'Hard Cider' and non-alcoholic as 'Apple Cider'. Since Beers are not made from any kinds of fruits, so structuctural and nutritional value is very different from Cider. Making beer is extracting fermentable sugars from grain by mashing in heated water. With cider, the simple sugars don't need to be converted and are already in the liquid.

Beer, is made from Yeast, Malted Barley (where starch from grain is converted to sugars via enzymes), hops (for flavor and stability) and other variety of nutrients. Beer Contains Potassium, plus more Protein and Vitamin B than Cider.

Beer Vs Cider, in Terms of Flavor and Variety

Cider comes in dry and sweet varieties. The ciders come in completely clear to cloudy with sediment ranges. Cider comes in light yellow, orange or brown colours. The difference between color and clarity comes because of the filtering between pressing and fermentation.

Beer is classified into 2 categories based on the temperature of brewing process. If the brewing takes place in a low temperature, then it is called as 'Lager' and when it brewed at high temperature it is called as 'Ale'. Beer comes in pale, dark and very dark colours. The color of beer is determined by the color of the malt.

Beer Vs Cider, in terms of Health benefits

Beer Keeps your kidney healthy and better for digestion. Beer also lowers your cholesterol and increase vitamin B levels. The ingredients in beer help to prevent blood clots from forming.

Cider, one of England's oldest alcoholic drinks, has long been thought to be beneficial to health. Cider is made from mainly Apple juice, provides vitamin C and antioxidants to protect the heart and reduce the risk of diabetes and asthma.

Both beer and cider are calorie-rich drinks, with respectively high levels of carbohydrates. For any alcoholic drink to really be healthy, moderation is the name of the game.

Nutrition Values of Beer and Cider

Difference between Beer and Cider

So, these are the key difference between Beer and Cider. Checkout our collection of Beer and Cider.

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