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Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine

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Champagne Vs Sparkling Wine

In any type of special events such as weddings, holidays, anniversaries and podium celebrations, somehow the occasion is incomplete without popping champagne.It is one kind of a beverage developed in France. To make champagne there is a special process called as “method campenoise”. If the process was not used in a specific wine, then it is simply called a sparkling wine.

Hmm.. Sounds Good. But difference is not clear yet!!

Up until this point in my life, I had no idea what the difference between champagne and sparkling wine was- if there even was one. Though they both seem so similar, after bit of drinking these stuff and offline research, I finally have the answer to the age old question. To put it very simply, all champagne is a sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is a champagne. Champagne should really be thought of as a geological marker, not so much a drink in itself. Champagne is only champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, France. This means that if you have been purchasing your “champagne” that was fermented in other countries or cities, you have unfortunately been duped.

Difference Between Sparkling Wine and Champagne

Sparkling wine, which is what many imposter champagnes actually are, is made by a very simple process. By the process of fermentation, adding sugar and yeast together to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, we make wine. However, by not allowing the carbon dioxide to be released, we make sparkling wine. As the wine is being fermented in an enclosed space, the carbon dioxide remains inside the bottle, only to be released in the form of fizzy bubbles after opening.

The three classic tells of an impeccable sparkling wine are found in its freshness, the precision of the sparkling wine, and the sparkling aspect in itself. The freshness should be determined by the delicate balance of a fruity flavor that is not necessarily overpoweringly sweet. The flavor should be bright and leave a refreshing tingle on the taste buds. The precision of the sparkling wine should be coming from the acidity of the liquid itself. Acid is a mandatory component of an excellent sparkling wine, as it allows for the direct penetration of flavor on the tongue. The sparkling component itself is measured by the type of bubble produced. A high quality sparkling wine will produce small bubbles, whereas a lower quality of sparkling wine, or a bottle that has got flat, will produce none at all.

Sparkling Wines are Getting Popular

Whichever you prefer, whether it be an authentic champagne from Champagne, France, or a sparkling wine from any other vineyard around the world, it is important to note that sparkling wines are gaining an increase in popularity. Do remember that if you would actually like an authentic champagne to stick to Pierre Gimonnet and Gaston Chiquet, as they are both fermented and bottled in Champagne, France, but keep in mind that a sparkling wine is the most versatile wine for pairings, as it is so easily transferrable between different courses. If you are in need of a recommendation to begin your journey with sparkling wine, it would be prudent to first begin with Avissi Prosecco DOC, bottled in Veneto, Italy. This sparkling wine is an aperitif, and it is an excellent way to end your evening. Cremant de Limoux, bottled in Limoux, France, is another option that tastes like a delicate mixture of pear, lemon, and rose petals.

On a side Note:

Name of Sparkling Wine in Various Countries.

France – Vaoury, Italy - Asti, Germany – Sekt(sack), Spain – No pecial Name :-P

How to open a bottle of champagne?

A perfect way to open you champagne and to enhance the celebration is by using champagne sabre. These sabres are specially designed to open champagne bottles. Opening a champagne with the use of champagne sword requires skills and experience. For starters you may find great sabres at and you’ll be able to learn more about on how to sabre a champagne bottle.

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Champagne Vs Sparkling Wine

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