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11 Best Looking Rum Bottles For Your Home (Pirate) Bar

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Ahoy matey! If you’re a lover of the caribbean rum, you’ve probably seen (and may be even collected) a few of the interesting rum bottles available on the market. Well fear not, we’ll give you 12 of the best looking rum bottles for you to add to the pirate bar collection. As a bonus, you’ll obviously get some rum with the bottle.


Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum / 70cl

Deadhead isn't just one of the finest infused rums, it also comes in one of the most unmistakable, eye-catching bottles. The Shrunken Monkey Head style bottle is a dedication to the bpiritual beliefs of ancident Maya and Aztec cultures. The flavour is smooth and warm as it is infused with rich decadent dark chocolate.  

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Old Monk The Legend Rum, 1000ml

The special maturation of The Legend Rum by Old Monk gives it a fine flavour. A combination of exotic fruits and spices all add to the delightful sweet aroma and an even sweeter taste including dried fruits, spices and vanilla. The after taste is a long lasting clean sweet finish. On top of this, the bottle makes this rum stand out amongst any collection.

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Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum 70 cl

One of the premium rum producers, Plantation, brings the ultimate blend. This celebration of double ageing combines sugarcane, along with a hint of toasted coconut and banana. Add in sweetness of cocoa, candied orange and beautifully presented in a cigar box.

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BACARDI Facundo Paraiso Rum, 70 cl

Known as a mainstream rum producer Barcardi is often overlooked. Yet Paraiso is one of the oldest expression in Barcardi's Facundo range of premium sipping rums. It combines aromas of vanillla, almond, and toasted oak and has a luxurious silky finish making it perfect to be sipped and enjoyed neat. The distinctive bottle stands out with the rich reddy colour of this exquisite rum.

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Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Rum 70cl

Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum is an up and coming new breed of rum. It is recommended to be drank neat over ice or as a delightful mixer. The sweet flavour combines caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange notes. The spiced flavour continues with a hint of pineapple, seville orange, dried raisins, cinnamon and black pepper. Highly rated by the BBC as featured in the Good Foods Top Spiced Rums for 2019. 

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The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Ceramic Limited Edition, 70 cl

The 2019 ‘Kraken reef wreckage' comes in a limited edition bottle (to help raise awareness of the damage being done to the world’s reefs) with £1 per bottle being donated. Last year the mighty Beast raised enough funds for the charity to enable 75,000 supporters to put in 225,000 hours to clear beaches of plastic pollution at 1,600 events up and down the UK. Don't overlook the secret blend of spices making this one of the sweetest rums on the market.

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Pull The Pin Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum, plain and simple. This striking rum bottle packs more than just a physical punch. Pull The Pin comes with well balanced, smooth flavour with hints of butterscotch. 

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El Dorado 15 Year Old Old Special Reserve Rum, 70 cl

7 times winner of the best Rum at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. It says it all. With a spread of flavours this rum really has something for every rum lover - sweetness with grilled tropical fruit combined with smooth oaky spice. And all finishing with a silky, vibrant and yet moderately full-bodied texture.

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SPYTAIL Black Ginger Rum, 1.75 L

Spytail Black Ginger Rum is delightful neat, on ice, or with a mixer. It doesn't matter if you prefer coke, ginger ale, ginger beer or as an ingredient in a rum cocktail, Spytail works well with them all. Named after a legendary submarine – whose plans were discovered by the distillers of this rum.

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El Dorado 25 Year Old Vintage Demerara Rum, 70 cl

One of the legendary, vintage rums. El Dorado 25 Year Old Vintage Demerara Rum has a rich, smooth, warm and mellow feel. Hints of caramel and heavy fruit cake come through making this a delicious sipping, iced or neat rum. Storing this rum in itself is uniqie as The Wooden Continuous Coffey or EHP Wooden Still is the last fully working example of its kind in the world today. And the beauty goes beyond just the taste as the presentation is also exquisite.

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