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8 Best Gin Gift Sets

Mar 17, 2020 | Post By Brodey Sheppard

Needing to buy a gift for a gin lover and unsure where to start? If you’re not a gin drinker, then it can be extremely overwhelming trying to please a gin lover: literally hundreds of bottles, dozens of different flavours and a wide range of leading and boutique gin brands. Given this, what do you buy for a gin lover?

Well, we’ve made it easy for you with this shortlist of great gifts for gin lovers. Here are the top gin gift sets that leave you covered in all angles. Everything from a gin making set, through to a gin mixer and gin glasses, then a gin sample gift set so as they can explore new gins. The choice is yours!

Just Spices Homemade

What makes your DIY GIN unique? That's right! The spice. In the box you will find 15 great spices: Juniper berries (x6), red jalapeño, mallow blossoms, liquorice, coriander, rosemary, cardamom capsules, orange peels, pink pepper and pimento. It also includes 3 recipes into the gin set to make DIY gin even easier. The 2 pretty glass bottles and 3 labels for self-design help you personalise this unique gin gift.

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Gin and Tonic Premium Set Lola Y Vera Gina Apple

This is a truly stunning gift for gin lovers - particularly recommended for lovers of exquisite Gin and Tonic. Beautifully crafted white wooden gin gift chest with Lola Y Vera Gin. The chest includes an Lola Y Vera Apple 70 cl bottle and and everything you need to make the perfect Spanish style Gin and Tonic: 2 Lola y Vera Gin and Tonic balloon glasses, professional jigger and curly spoon in stainless steel, 6 Bendita Low-calorie Spanish Tonic Water 20cl bottles and 3 tubes with botanicals specially selected for this gin and prepared at the distillery (lemon zest, cinnamon sticks and juniper berries). Lola Y Vera Gin Apple is distilled in small batches with a selection of sweet apples and are macerated with fresh juniper and other original botanicals including anise, sunflower seeds and fresh licorice. Intense and refreshing apple taste with touches of woody juniper and a mild licorice finish.  Bendita is a Premium Spanish mixer with fine bubbles and very low calorie content (1.7 calories) specially designed to mix with the best craft spirits. It is produced with carbonated mineral medicinal water, natural quinine and a touch of orange, lemon and lime.  

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6 Infusions for flavoring Gin and Tonic cocktail, perfect for flavoring your Gin with great spices, herbs and flowers, gin gift box Free shipping options

One pack of 6 different flavoured infusions with a Blend of Botanicals making it easy to create delicious Gin & Tonic cocktails.Té Tonic is the innovator of the Gin Infusions. This is beautifully packaged for gin gifting and for any occasion!

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MicroBarBox Pink Gin Gift Set including Gordons Pink Gin, Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Pinkster & Anno Kent Dry Gin

A great all round gin gift set including:, 50ml Gordons Pink Gin, 50ml Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, 50ml Pinkster Gin, 50ml Anno Kent Dry Gin and Fentimans Artisan Mixers.

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Pink Gin Gift 'GinDependant Woman' Gin Glass 630ml (22.25oz) Hand Painted Gin Glasses by Memories-Like-These UK

A perfect Pink Gin Gift for a strong independant women who likes Gin. Being hand painted with special love and attention in UK makes it a truly unique gin gift for women. The large oversized balloon glass is perfect for enjoying your favourite gin.

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Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills 43% Gin Giftbox and 2 Copa Glasses, 70cl

A wonderful gin gift box with a Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills 70cl Bottle with two beautiful Copa Glasses.Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills is a crisp clean gin with layers of flavour of lavender, chamomile and juniper. A lovely soft, dry, juniper, with slight sweetness and citrus fruits taste.

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Tanqueray Gin Set includes Tanqueray London Dry Gin 35cl, 2 x Official Tanqueray Gin Glasses, 3 x Aromatic Botanicals, Bar Spoon and Recipes

Share the love of an award-winning alcohol gift set and serve in style to your friends and family! Experiment with extravagant botanicals for gin and tonic, aromatic garnishes and a more flavoursome G&T. The gift set includes 3 botanicals: Rose for Pink Gin, Cardamom and Star Anise. 2 beautiful Tanqueray gin balloon glasses arealso includes along with a boutique twisted bar spoon.Summary of the complete gin gift set: 1 x 35cl bottle of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 2 x Tanqueray Copa Balloon Glasses, 1 x Twisted Bar Spoon, 3g Dried Rose Petals, 18g Cardamom Pods, 9g Star Anise

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Roku Japanese Craft Gin Gift Pack with Merchant's Heart Spirit Enhancers, 70 cl

A wonderful gin gift set from Roku including 6 botanticals to personalise the taste. Elegant blend of six Japanese-based botanicals. Roku is a soft and velvety gin on the palate giving scent of cherry blossoms and green tea with hints of floral-sweet notes. The sancho pepper provides a light spiciness on the finish. A great gift.

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MicroBarBox Gin Cocktail Kit Gift Set including: Classic G&T, Gin Martini, Rhubarb Gin Fizz, Elderflower Collins

A incredible combination gin gift set from leading gin brands of Hendriks, Bombay Sapphire, Edinburgh and Vermouth along with leading Folkington's tonic mixers. The full set includes: 50ml Hendricks Gin | 50ml Bombay Sapphire Gin, 50ml Martin Miller's Gin | 50ml 6 O'Clock Gin, 50ml Edinburgh Elderflower Gin Liqueur, 50ml Bramley & Gage Dry Vermouth, 250ml Folkington's Rhubarb & Apple Pressé, 150ml and Folkington's artisan mixers of Indian Tonic Water & Soda Water

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Personalised Premium Distilled Gordon's Pink Gin Gift Set Hamper with Fentimans Rose Lemonade

Personalised Gordon's Premium Distilled Pink Gin Gift Set Wicker Hamper Contains: 1 x 70cl Gordon's Premium Distilled Pink Gin (37.5% ABV), 2 x Fentimans Rose Lemonade (250ml). This is the perfect Gift for all Celebratory Occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Anniversaries... Or even yourself to immerse in the Pink Gin culture.Inspired by an original Gordon's recipe from the 1880s, Gordon's Pink is perfectly crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon's with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with the tang of redcurrant served up in a unique blushing tone.

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