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22 of the best Halloween Cocktails of 2019

Oct 28, 2019 | Post By Brodey Sheppard

Halloween is coming, and you are going to want to impress your friends with amazing cocktails, shots and punch bowls to get everyone in the party spirit. We have it all here for you in this run down of our best Halloween themed recipes. From caramel apple martinis to vodka jelly swamp goo, you’ll love them all!

Halloween is thought to have originated from the Gaelic festival of Samhain – a festival with pagan roots that celebrated the end of the harvest and the beginning of the winter season. It is then assumed that the festival was Christianized by the early Church as the first day of Allhallowtide – the three-day celebration to remember the dead. Many of the observances of the early Christians have translated into the festivities that we take part in ourselves at the modern Halloween time such as trick or treating and apple bobbing.

No matter how you are celebrating this year be sure to try some of our delicious and inventive cocktails listed below!

1. Jack-O-Lantern

This cocktail is a great party piece and a delicious drink to share with your friends. The orange and ginger flavours are perfect for the Autumn and the Cognac will warm you from the insides out. Make sure you get the orange wheel garnish floating just right to make the glowing pumpkin look just perfect.

Check it out here

2. Vampiro

Having a ‘Day of the Dead’ themed Halloween party? This is the perfect cocktail for you. A Mexican Bloody Mary that will serve excellently as a freshly drawn blood substitute for all your vampire guests. An excellent choice for tequila fans, this cocktail will be a great after dinner start to the party!

Check it out here

3. Children of the Corn

This delicious nod to the 1980s scary movie franchise, is great signature cocktail for any Halloween party. Your friends will be so impressed to hear that you have infused your own vodka and made delicious cinnamon syrup. Who needs pumpkin spiced lattes when you have cinnamon spiced candy corn cocktails!

Check it out here

4. Halloween Hpnotist

This special glowing cocktail is a simple recipe designed to wow your guests and bring the party to life. You’ll need to stock up on blue glow sticks and some Hpnotiq liqueur because everyone at the party will be wanting more and more of these delicious drinks.

Check it out here

5. Belvedere Toffee Apple

This extra special toffee apple martini is a light and refreshing cocktail that will remind everyone of biting into a sweet and sticky toffee apple as a kid. Serve these with apple slices dipped in caramel for a perfect party treat.

6. The Black Cat

This tasty cocktail is an easy to drink party favourite. A cool cherry cola that is darkly mysterious and full of superstition. They may have their own opinions about black cats crossing their paths but your party guests will be reaching for these drinks without hesitation.

Check it out here

7. The Wolf Bite

This strong and surprising shot is a great party drink that will really get the party started. The fruity mix of pineapple, lemon and melon makes the shot go down easily – but what your friends won’t expect is the wolfish bite that comes after!

Check it out here

8. Witch Hunt

This is a great cocktail for scotch lovers everywhere. A mix of scotch whiskey, dry vermouth and the extra special Strega liqueur creates a tasty herbal drink that’s a little something different for your cocktail party.

Check it out here

9. Skeleton in Your Closet

Calling all tequila lovers! This extra special ghoulishly green cocktail is a perfect centrepiece to your Halloween celebrations. Make sure every guest has one in hand and watch them sip all night on this green tequila margarita.

Check it out here

10. Dracula’s kiss

Another favourite for the vampires of the season, the Dracula’s Kiss looks like a tall, chilled glass of blood when made right. It takes the non-alcoholic Roy Rodgers mixture and adds a black cherry vodka to give it extra depth and favour.

Check it out here

11. The Black Widow

This stunning looking Black Widow cocktail uses Blavod black vodka to make a spidery effect in a refreshing cranberry juice. Decorate it the glass with fake webs and creepy spiders and dare your guests to try the deadly Black Widow.

Check it out here

12. Black Magic

No voodoo here, just another delicious use for the fantastically visual Blavod black vodka. Vodka and grenadine topped with lemonade with a maraschino cherry to finish it off. Your guests will be drawn to its mysterious dark presence!

Check it out here

13. The Ghostbuster

When you’re serving drinks, to the neighbourhood, what ya gonna make? The Ghostbuster!! This cocktail is a visual treat, as the Midoi and schnapps base create a slime green liquid for the ghostly last ingredient to float through. Spooky!

Check it out here

14. Swamp Water Surprise

This recipe is really fun and will give your friends an extra treat of vodka jelly along with their drink. Just create the murky swamp water and add globs of vodka jelly to look like nasty swamp goo floating inside.

Check it out here

15. The Skeleton Key

This is a unique drink with many different flavours coming together to make a spiced and floral taste. A more sophisticated cocktail than some on this list it may not be to everyone’s taste but those who are familiar with great tasting bourbon will love it!

Check it out here

16. Candy Corn with Kettle Corn Gin

In this recipe you get to make some of the ingredients from scratch yourself, infusing gin with kettle corn and making a citrus peel simple syrup. The drink is a light fruity blend with the hint of sugar sweet coming from the gin – not forgetting the Candy Corn pieces to garnish.

Check it out here

17. Peach Candy Corn Cocktail

Another use of the old favourite Halloween treats Candy Corn, this layered cocktail is a sweet dessert drink. Using sweet flavoured vodka and peach soda, topped with delicious whipped cream and candy corn pieces you’ll create a well-loved drink for your guests.

Check it out here

18. Caramel Appletini

A perfect Autumnal cocktail for a blustery Autumnal night by the fire. This drink is a perfect seasonal twist on the Appletini cocktail. All you need is some green apple vodka and butterscotch schnapps.

Check it out here

19. The Candy Appley

This is a special seasonal cocktail with a moonshine base that will get all your guests talking and drinking. The Salted Caramel Corn Whiskey blends perfectly with the apple liqueur and cranberry juice and with a little sparkling cider to give it a lift, it’s a delicious result.

Check it out here

20. Fright Night in the Grove

This strong and hearty cocktail means business! A blend of tequila and grapefruit to begin with sets a delicious base then add the rich Jagermeister on top for a whole new level of awesome. It will be frightfully tasty!

Check it out here

21. Frog in the Blender

Don’t worry, no frogs were harmed in the making of this cocktail! This gimmicky, great looking cocktail will make everyone smile this Halloween. Made to look like a witch’s brew of mushed up creatures – this vodka, lime and cranberry mix will surely be a hit.

Check it out here

22. The Corpse Reviver

This drink is an extra-special gin based cocktail that is well known for its ‘pick me up’ qualities. A mix of lemon, Cointreau and Lillet that tastes delicious… then a hidden dash of absinthe to spice things up. Try it out!

Check it out here

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