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15 best drinking accessories for 2023

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Let's be serious for a minute here.

If you even slightly consider yourself a drinking enthusiast, drunkard or just enjoy the sweet taste of a drink on a hot afternoon. These incredible drinking accessories will change the way you enjoy your favorite beverage forever.

We have compiled the 15 best drinking accessories for 2020.

Get ready to reach for your pocket and open it up because some of these, you will agree you cannot go without.

Let's kick things off with a bang, shall we?

1. The Mustache Beer Dam

Hipsters rejoice! this creative and yet simple design will protect your mustache from getting that cold sweet beer all over it. Made from 100% copper, adjustable to fit most glassware as well as being coated in a non-toxic coating makes this the perfect "Umbrella for your face". Buy now.

2. BottleLoft: The best thing ever to come for serving drinks straight from your fridge.

Is it just me, or have I been doing this all wrong?

The creative bottleloft allows you to not just put your drinks in the fridge, but hang them from the top. The strip of extremely strong magnets allows you to hang your drinks anywhere in your fridge saving valuable rack space.

With a supported weight of 50lbs, this is something everyone needs in their fridge. Buy your BottleLoft here.

3. The Coolest Cooler, the ultimate everyday cooler.

Sometimes getting a cold one out of an cooler is the most satisfying part of the day. But a cooler is just that.

The Coolest Cooler has gone to new levels to create the swiss army knife of coolers. Packing pretty much everything.

From crusher blender to make the perfect drink mixture or cocktail on the run, a Bluetooth speaker for your tunes, a USB charger to charge your phone, tablet, Flash flight and other, an LED light because no one like looking for the cooler when it's dark only to run into it with your toe. A storage area for your plates, knives and cutting board and a bottle opener...

What more could you ask for? I know, I know. You want one. well... You can buy one right here.

4. Green Army Man Bottle Opener

I mean nothing says cool, like a green army man bottle opener.

Just like the army characters you would have had growing up, this army style bottle opener will definitely get you some attention at your next gathering. Whip it out and open up some bottles in style.

If you're not one to showboat, not a problem. Maybe you know someone who is? Bottle openers like this make great gifts for anyone who loves to show off some personality. Buy for yourself or for a gift here.

5. Kangaroo Testicles bottle opener, because why not?

If you're one of those guys who says "I've seen it all." well, I challenge you, sir!

Have you have ever asked yourself, Am I a man? Well man up and open a beer with some testicles! Made from Actual Kangaroo testicles this wildly unique beer opener may have the ladies impressed. (Results may Vary)

Want to be a real man? Well, get yourself some balls here.

6. The Ultimate Alcohol glass? Drop shots magnetic shot and pint glass

I'm impressed, a glass that serves as both a shot glass and a pint glass.

The product itself is a two-part piece, with magnetic inner parts, meaning when you drop your shot glass into your pint glass it magnetically attaches to the bottom. Offering you the perfect jagger bomb shot or other.

I guess you're thinking like I am, Alcohol could bring no hurt, no pain. Well. You're wrong. Teeth are broken all the time taking shots with glass shot glasses, eliminate the risk of alcohol being a cause of pain and agony with this great product.

Impressed? Get your Drop Shots Glass here.

7. Reusable Wine Bag: Foldable Wine Flask for going out

If you're anything like me you enjoy a good picnic or day out, but bringing bottled wine isn't exactly the easiest of things to do.

That is where the reusable foldable wine bag comes in Literally foldable wine flask made especially for those wine lovers who want a drink at a picnic.

With the holding capacity to hold an entire bottle of wine, this foldable flask is perfect. Get yours here.

8. Etched Drinking Glasses: Get your city map etched into a glass

I love where I live, beautiful beaches, beautiful landmarks and a place I never want to forget.

Whether you're after a pint glass or a Rocks glass having an amazing looking map etched makes it look absolutely beautiful. 

9. Motorised Cooler Scooter

Warning: Not for the faint hearted. Unless you want to actually have fun, this is probably not the product for you.

The 49cc 4 Stroke Scooter holds all your drinks, where ever you go. Literally.

If you look at this cooler and don't imagine yourself riding around on it one handed with a drink in the other than I don't know what to call you. Get your hands on a motorized cooler scooter here.

10. Whiskey Wedge Ice Glass

Let's be honest with ourselves here, no one likes a warm drink.

The Whiskey Wedge is the solution to fixing that terrible warm drink The whiskey wedge is a creative glass and silicone ice mold which allows you to freeze ice in the shape perfectly situated in your glass.

I know, I know. I want one too. Get it here.

11. The pistol flask

Not to be mistaken for anything other than a flask this fantastic accessory allows you to walk around with a pistol and a belt pouch.

Your local bank and your regular visits to the airport have nothing to worry about. False Alarm everyone. Just a flask. You may have some explaining to do but this pistol-shaped flask you can impress your friends. Buy one and impress your friends.

12. Giant Flask

Let's not think about the practicality of this flask, and let's just gasp at its giant beauty. The beautify in which can be stored within a flask of this size.

The 30cm high flask can hold up to 3 pints worth of alcohol, finished in a great-looking brushed stainless steel ensuring it's a high quality built flask.

This product is not for the faint-hearted but if you're up for it or you think this would make a perfect gift for someone you know and probably don't care about then you can buy it here.

13. Arr, Pirates ahoy. Legless Pirate Bottle opener and Corkscrew.

Whether you find yourself on the sea more than the land or you are one eyed or one legged. Maybe you just like a laugh or find the humor in a legless pirate bottle opener.

The premium quality and well thought about corkscrew and bottle opener made from Stainless Steel Metal. For a legless pirate, it sure is the hardest working pirate in the bar. Get your legless bottle opener now.

14. The beer hat

Will it ever get old? the beer hat invented in 1983 but yet, it never gets old.

There is something about never having to hold a beer again that makes this product perfect. Why hold a beer, if you can have 2 on your head?

Wondering when society started to get lazy? Here it is ladies and gentleman the wonderful accessory they call the Beer Helmet.

15. The beer belt

If you're a keen drinker and want to show it. There is nothing like the beer belt. Built in with 6. Yes, I said 6 coolers to keep those 6 beers cold. Whilst wearing them at close range.

Never go looking for the cooler again, or worrying where all your beers have gone to see everyone drinking them. Have them on you at all times and keep the precious cold beer as safe as possible.

Did we miss something you think should be in the list above? let us know we might consider putting it in.

Comment below with the accessory you like the best! Maybe a friend will see it and get it for you.


15 best drinking accessories for 2023

If you even slightly consider yourself a drinking enthusiast, drunkard or just enjoy the sweet taste of a drink on a hot afternoon. These incredible drinking accessories will change the way you enjoy your favorite beverage forever.

We have compiled the 15 best drinking accessories for 2020.

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