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14 Shocking Facts About Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Jul 17, 2019 | Post By Brodey Sheppard

Let's face the facts here...

We all love a good Jack on a hot day, yet do you really know much about it?

No, They don't just have a racing team, and no it's not a guy in your local football team who's parents thought it would be comical to name their son Jack Daniel.

It's the beautiful taste of a whiskey. A household name in countries all over the world.

It's a brand so strong it has found its way into each of our households and into the hearts of millions if not billions.

A drink so nice that it works on the rocks and in a cocktail.

You might think you know a few facts about your favorite whiskey you call a JD, but do you really?

These 14 facts about Jack Daniels, you may not have known.

Oldest registered distillery in the US

Well, although you might be asking.

Is Jack Daniel's the oldest distillery in the United States?

Technically, Yes and no.

Maker's Mark a small batched bourbon whiskey founded by Beam Suntory states, Yes, Jack Daniels is the oldest.

However, plenty of older distilleries were pumping out Rum well before whiskey became popular.

Jack insisted that his distillery is the oldest registered distillery having been registered in 1866 by a teenage Jack Daniel.


Jack Daniels is the best selling spirit

It's 2017 this year, so the numbers are up even more from the last provided numbers.

In 2014, JD sold close to US$3 billion (2.41 Billion GBP) of its whiskey. The average Jack Daniels bottle sells for roughly US$20 (£17).

That equates to close to 150 million bottles of their whiskey, which in 2014 was half the population of the US.

Although these numbers are spread out worldwide that is still a very large number nearly 3 times the population of the United Kingdom.

Although as reported in Jan of 2015 the UK reported that Johnnie Walker was the most popular. However world wide. JD has it covered.

Jack is Tennessee whiskey

Firstly, let me explain.

What is a Tennessee whiskey?

Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are not that same things, Both Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are distilled the same way using at least 51% corn then go into charred oak barrels to age.

The difference is before going into the barrels it gets charcoal filtered.

So why is Jack Daniel's considered Tennessee whiskey?

A term recognized by the federal government in 1941, about 80 years after JD started distilling their beautiful whiskey.

Jack Daniel's follow a similar process as the traditional Tennessee whiskey process where Jack Daniels goes through a process where huge piles of maple wood get burned on "ricks". The wood then falls onto itself as it burns. Thus making charcoal.

The Whiskey is then filtered.

Four days later white wool is used to remove any of the charcoal.

Bringing you the taste that we know and love.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel 100 Proof 50% 70cl

Smooth, aromatic Tennessee whiskey
Full depth and intensity of its rich flavour
Perfect balance of toasted oak barrel, sweet vanilla and light spice notes
Exceptionally smooth finish

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JD is made in a dry county

Lynchburg in Moore County which since prohibition has been a "dry county" where alcohol cannot be sold. Whilst appeals have been made in Moore County nothing has ever been approved.

The distillery does allow you to taste the whiskey on their enhanced tour, however, you may not purchase Jack Daniel's where it's made. Except...

Jack Daniels dirty little sales trick

Although the purchase of alcohol in the dry county you may purchase the bottle, which is priced exactly the same as a Gentleman Jack. It also comes with a liquid in it which tastes remarkably like the Gentleman Jack drink.

But remember you're buying a bottle with gentleman jack in it. Not buying Gentleman Jack...

Although this might be considered the same thing to many it is a little loophole in which Jack Daniel's has decided to take in order to sell a couple spare "bottles".

Who wouldn't want their very own barrel?

Let's start out by saying this.

It isn't cheap or for the faint hearted.

How much does a barrel of jack daniel cost?

After the government takes their share with their taxes on alcohol a barrel of Jack Daniel's will set you back between $10,000 and $12,000.

Still interested? Well... I'll be damned, you're a true Jack lover.

All the JD flavors are available from the original to the white rabbit whiskey, their winter jack, including their popular Tennessee Honey.

If you cannot make it to their facility, that isn't the end of the world you can also call or email them to buy one. It is the perfect present for that person that just has it all.

Jack Daniels Non Vintage Single Barrel Whiskey, 70 cl

Extra aged with a robust taste and notes of toasted oak, vanilla and caramelDraws distinct flavours from barrelNotes of caramel and spice

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It's not just one flavour, there are many!

Jack Daniel's isn't just a flavor, they offer a pretty decent range of extremely good tasting whiskey.

Although their flagship whiskey good old No. 7 is by far the most popular and well-known of the range, there are still other variants.

For example, you have the Gentleman Jack which is a double filtered whiskey where as the No. 7 is single. It is also much stronger at 94 proof whereas the standard is 80.

You can also get the popular honey and cinnamon blends which have lower proofs due to the blending process.

From their, you also have Jack Daniel's Limited Edition bottles, Their birthday bottles, and loads of other celebratory bottles.

Jack Daniels Winter Jack Apple Whiskey Punch 15% 70cl

Winter PunchInfused with Apple, Cinnamon and ClovesMade from Old No.7 Jack DanielsTry it heated upEasy to drink - only 15% ABV   Jack Daniels Winter Jack is an authentic recipe from Jack's home town in Lynchburg. It uses Christmas spices with apple and Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey.

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Blended Whisky 70 cl

A classic spirit with a fiery finish
It has an exceptionally smooth flavour
A blend of Tennessee Fire and red hot cinnamon liqueur

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The "Lemmy" Yep, that's right a Jack & Coke is now a "Lemmy"

Bartenders are a funny bunch, you have the good, the skilled and the outright legends. Then you have the others the ones you just wish you got served by someone else.

It's the good ones that you go back to a bar for, there the ones you can walk up to and say "one lemmy thanks" and they know exactly what you're after.

The Lemmy comes from the recently deceased ace of spades.

Frank Sinatra's favorite whiskey? You guessed it

Although Jack is many people's favorite whiskey a special mention to Frank Sinatra, who is used in a saying by Dean Martin "I love Vegas like Sinatra love Jack Daniel's".

It's not an urban myth that Frank Sinatra loved the whiskey. So much that he was buried with a bottle of Tennessee Whiskey.

As a sign of respect, Jack Daniel's came out with their Sinatra Special and their Century.

Jack Daniel's No. 7, What does the 7 stand for anyways?

Great question!

No one really knows for sure, although there are many theories behind the actual reason the real answer is: no one really knows.

The chances are if you order a jack at the bar, you're getting an Old No. 7 it's popular, it's the most reasonably priced and holds I think the best taste.

One of the theories says it was the 7th distillery registered by the government, however, this heavily contradicts our first fact so some doubt this.

Other theories are it represents how many lovers Jack had.

Whatever the case, whoever tells the story and whatever you hear. The truth is yet to be proved.

Jack Daniels Old No 7 Whiskey Miniature 5cl Miniature

Contenancy : 70 Cl
Alcohol % : 0.42

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Who is Jack Daniel? It wasn't the man behind the whiskey

Let's clear this up. Who is Jack Daniel?

Although it was a real person, it wasn't his real name, Jasper Newton Daniel was named for two Revolutionary war heroes, but friends back home and his loving family, they called him Jack.

Here is some advice, unless you want a poorly poured drink, don't ask for a "Jasper Newton Daniel and coke". You will get some serious deathly looks from your bartender.

He "probably" started when he was a teenager

We have said it before and we will say it again, there is some uncertainty around Jack's life.

Whilst some reports say he was born in 1850 which meant he was 13 when he purchased the distillery from Call and 16 when he registered it in 1864.

Other claims report that his mother died in 1847 making him even younger.

There are other dates given such as September 5th, 1856 and January of 1849.

Either way, he was a young boy or man and brought it a long way there after.

You would never guess Jack's height

A popular saying by the ladies at the bars today "What do you call a guy under 6 foot. A friend". Well that didn't stop Jack and his seven lovers only standing 5'4"

Although back in the 1800's the average height of a male of his age was still considered short by today's standards.

How did Jack Daniel die?

For a little more in-depth information on Jack Daniel, visit the official jack daniel historical information page.

It depends on who you ask, according to recent biographers the legend and story that goes with Jack doesn't quite add up. The story goes:

It came down to his terrible temper, the company's books were normally locked in a safe, and his nephew, Lem Motlow, was the one who normally opened it.

Well, one morning Jack arrived to work earlier than normal and in typical Jack style didn't remember the lock combination so kicked it.

This led to a blood infection in his leg which he eventually died by in 1911.

Before dying Jack passed the distillery onto his nephew Matlow and another nephew who was later bought out by Matlow.

Matlow died in 1947 and thankfully never changed the companies name to his own.

I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to purchase a Lem Matlow.

Summed up

Well that sums up the facts in which you probably didn't already know about the legend that is Jack Daniel.

Tell us what your favorite fact is below in the comments!

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